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Read about all the important milestones we have achieved in the last months!

October 2020

All beginnings are online

A long-standing idea of three medical students at Charité Berlin takes shape - the launch of BEM in weekly online meetings.

November 2020

Testing the idea

Tinkering with an idea in just three heads is never a good idea; it needs feedback, preferably from people who have a clue - and we are surprised by the enthusiasm we have received. There is an important niche in the student research community, and we want to fill it!

December 2020

Never walk alone

An ambitious project needs a great team! At the end of the year, after calls through various channels, exciting people with incredible drive and impressive skills come together united by a common goal - BEM grows rapidly.

January 2021

Corporate Identity?!

A Germany-wide team wants to have a common vision and structure, but at the same time remain student-centric and agile - we form and work in our four taskforces Website, Layout& Design, External Affairs & Finance and Peer Review & Quality Assurance from now on.

February 2021

Peer Review à la Students

The task is to implement our student-innovative approach in a peer review concept that aims to be different and novel while ensuring high quality.

March 2021

Medical student bubble?

Not at all! Because thinking outside the box makes our work better and more exciting, we establish even closer contact with student journals from other disciplines - the idea of Berlin Exchange as a platform for content-related, organizational, and financial cooperation between student journals in Germany is born.

April 2021

Of Time and Money:

During the month of April, we write proposals and make funding plans, while the "day-to-day business" in the task forces continues. After all, great ideas cannot live on invested time alone, and with exciting partners BEM will find a unique home!

May 2021

Turning words into actions

The basics of BEM become more and more sound, now it's time to implement them - we staff our editorial board and further concretize our concept for the peer review crash course. Preparations of the website, foundation of BEM and public relations are in their final stages!

June 2021

We go public and online!

With the launch of our website and the start of our social media campaign, we take further big and important steps towards our first major milestone, the first Call for Papers. With another Call for Team Members, we are looking for more enthusiastic minds, and since the beginning of the month Berlin Exchange Medicine is also a registered association!

July 2021

Networking - national and international

We are getting in touch with more and more exciting professors, fellow students, journals and initiatives from Berlin, Germany and the US. We are thrilled how much positive feedback and valuable advice, contacts and offers we receive. At the same time, we are also starting our work within Berlin Exchange, the overarching platform, by developing initial content concepts.

August 2021

Sommerfest und Sommerprojekte

Ein (Groß-)Teil unseres Teams sitzt in Berlin, viele wichtige Members sind aber auch über ganz Deutschland verstreut. Im August kommen wir Dank der etwas ruhigeren pandemischen Lage erstmals alle in Person zusammen und feiern unser BEM-Sommerfest. Als Sommerprojekte haben wir uns neben der Finalisierung unserer Review-(Crashkurs)-Strukturen, die Entwicklung unserer Arbeitswebsite und die Veröffentlichung erster inhaltlicher Formate vorgenommen.

September 2021

Summer party and summer projects 

A (large) part of our team is based in Berlin, but many important members are scattered all over Germany. In August, thanks to the somewhat calmer pandemic situation, we all come together in person for the first time and celebrate our BEM summer party. As summer projects, we have planned the finalization of our review (crash course) structures, the development of our working website and the publication of first content formats.

October 2021

First Call for Papers and Reviewers

Finally, the time has come! With our first call for papers and reviewers, we go public for the first time as a journal. We spread our calls via social media, activate (old) contacts, contact numerous students-, and lecturers-newsletters, speak at info events and promote our initiative, especially in interprofessional (e.g., nursing and physiotherapy) settings. Our calls make it from Kiel to Bonn and from Dresden to Freiburg. The feedback is overwhelming. We receive countless responses to our call for reviewers within a few days. The 20 spots of the first Crash Course cohort are fully booked within 24 hours!

November 2021

Important collaborations and partnerships

As a founding member of Berlin Exchange, we are delighted to announce that Berlin Exchange is the first external, purely student project to be funded and supported institutionally by the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). In the context of BUA Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin form an unique institutional alliance that charts the path forward into Berlin’s future as a research hub. After several rounds of applications, productive discussions, and great encouragement, we were granted support until 2023 with the option to extend until 2026. In addition, with the Bvmd, the federal representation of medical students in Germany, another influential network with great reach becomes our cooperation partner. We look forward to working with these two strong new partners.

December 2021

Peer Review Crash Course

In December, we are hosting our first Peer Review Crash Course. In three online live sessions, we teach 20 interested students from Germany and Europe the basics of peer review. In addition to exciting insights on topics such as bias in peer review or study design and statistics, the participants engage in intensive discussions about current review concepts, open access, and get to know BEM's (review) philosophy. In break-out rooms, the reviewers get to know each other, but also BEM and the team. Hands-on reviewing is already taking place right from the start; for example, an inspiring Journal Club cooperates with our partner PREReview on the second course day.

January 2022

Launch of journal activity, FAZ, and Amboss

We start the new year with great momentum: Thanks to our partner PubPub we can finalize the technical infrastructure of our journal platform and publish the first articles. We are happy to be featured in a major German newspaper article! The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) publishes an article about us, and we read with pride and joy that "a platform like BEM [...] has the potential to raise the scientific discussion to a new level". We talked extensively to Amboss Co-Founder Sievert Weiss in the last quarter and are looking forward to potential collaborations in particular areas. We are very grateful for this opportunity!

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