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Engaging Students in Research

Our Partners

Our concept does not only fascinate us, but also our partners!  The following institutions, journals and initiatives are currently supporting us.


Anwesenheitsnotiz, a berlin-based student journal existing since  2010, contains student papers as well as reviews and editorial content on (current) topics from the arts, culture, and science. The journal is published once or twice a year with a circulation of 600 copies at many universities in German-speaking countries.
Since 2021, anwesenheitsnotiz has been a founding member of Berlin Exchange.



The grassroots think tank Polis180 translates scientific findings for policy makers. Polis180 brings the ideas, analyses and solutions of our generation into the political discourse through innovative, participatory and inclusive approaches. In thematic programs and with new and creative formats, including their own journal PolisReflects, they develop real alternatives for constructive foreign and European policy. PolisReflects has been a founding member of Berlin Exchange since 2021.

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Institutionalization | Berlin Exchange

Complex challenges need trans- and interdisciplinary approaches!

  • Berlin Exchange, a cooperation of student journals, is a completely new platform for student journals in Germany to collaborate in terms of content, organization and funding.

    Cooperation of student journals

  • Currently, Berlin Exchange is constituted by the founding members PolisReflects, anwesenheitsnotiz and our journal, Berlin Exchange Medicine - together, we are striving for visibility and encouragement of student research and the realization of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches.

    One shared goal

  • In accordance with the networking character of Berlin Exchange, we share resources and know-how; when things get difficult, we look for a solution together!
    Our long-term goal is to develop one joint issue on a cross-sectional theme per year.

    Networked cooperation

More about our partner journals at Berlin Exchange can be found on the websites of PolisReflects and anwesenheitsnotiz.

Recent Calls and News

We are much more than a dull science journal!
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What happened so far?

Get an impression of what the team behind BEM has been up to since the founding of the project in 2020

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Our Journal

Together with our partner PubPub, we have launched a platform on which we publish our articles and put them up for discussion:

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Our first issue

We are currently working on our first real issue! Learn more about the current state and when it will be available

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Submit Manuscript

You are still studying, but you have some interesting scientific work, you want to share with others? We are open for submission from all disciplines related to health and life sciences:

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Submit your paper now!
Berlin Exchange Medicine is your platform for publishing term papers, bachelor's, master’s, or doctoral theses, and all other student research.

We strive to facilitate students' entry into the world of scientific publishing and to teach the basics of good scientific practice.
We are entirely student-run and want to ensure that your start is as low-threshold and educational as possible - with good support and no pressure at all!
That's why you can easily register your submission by filling out the form below.
You don't have to worry about fancy wording and lengthy explanations for the time being! Our student editors will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the further procedure and support you on the way to your first publication.

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Berlin Exchange Medicine has a lot to offer!
On the following pages you will find more info about the individual task forces (TFs) and work areas within our team as well as on our innovative review process.

Review Process

What does the publication process from submission to publication look like? And what is special about our all-student review process?

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Instagram, Twitter, email newsletters - none of this would run without our public relations pros. And they know how to handle money too!

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TF Peer-Review

Who are the brains behind the review process? Why is this part so important in the scientific process and what do we do differently than many established journals?

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TF Website

Which thoughts and which faces are behind this website? What are our plans for the future and who is our role model in terms of technical infrastructure? 

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TF Design

Our corporate identity, as well as the design of our entire public image, comes from our own Layout & Design team. What motivates our layout designers to work in a student life-science project?

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Our Team

Currently, our nationwide team includes about 20 students from a wide variety of backgrounds who share a fascination for the health sciences and/or the establishment of such a project: With us, everyone says what they think and does what they do best!

Feedback and questions make us better, enthusiasm for and interest in our project encourage us to continue and every motivated person helps us immensely.

In the coming weeks and months, a lot will happen and that‘s why we need your feedback, your support or your know-how!

So feel free to contact us anytime! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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